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tortoise▓s in Uganda07-26-201

8 13:19 BJTBy Timothy

Sibasi, Feature Writer based

in Kampala, Uganda&nb

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sp; Ugan▓da is recognized as the Pearl of Africa, due to its u▓niqueness in terms of riches and diverse culture. For those who have n

tal.But for those who have been to Kampala, what they can't miss mentioning is Kisingiri House along the Royal Mile stretch at Mengo, where the world's oldest torto▓ises are living.The Kisingiri House under Bu▓ganda Kingdom, one of Uganda's oldest traditional establishments, has been recognized by UNESCO on account of

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  • of the two oldest tortoises of 300 years old living here. Initially they were three tortoises but one of them passed away  in 2015. Yet, one might wonder how they arrived and managed to liv

    e▓ for so long.The three tortoises were given to Stanley Ki

  • taka, one of the sons of a ruler in ▓Buganda Kingdom in 1945 by his friends in Seychelles while he returned home from political exile on the Seychelles Island.At the time, the tortoise were over

    200 years old and have become a source of awe to those who v

  • isit the late Kasigiri's home located on the Kabaka Njagala ▓road that joins the King's Palace "Kabaka" ▓and the Kingdom's Parliament at Bulange in Kampala.Death of Brian, a giant tortoise, on

    February 7, 2005Brian, the giant tortoise and a nat▓ive of S

  • eychelles, died on February 7, 2005. "We tr▓eat them like pets and when we call them, they respond. It was a sad moment to lose one of them," said Pastor Grace Kitaka, a descendant of Kisingiri.&

    nbsp;According to Pastor Kitaka, "it took about 100 men to

his part of the world will keep on wondering why it continues to attract visitors to Kampala▓, Uganda's capi
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